Who is your worst enemy?


Maybe you have more than one enemy in mind, but I only have one: the winter.

Yes, it may seem hard to believe, but the coldest season of the year is my worst nightmare.

Let’s summarize: I wake up, go to work and its dark. At 4 in the afternoon, when I finish work, it’s dark. The cold cuts my lip and the inside of my nose is always sensitive. The sensation is like having little broken glass inside my nose. The skin dries out and the wind hurts my ears.

European winter is one of the worst experiences of my life. To make matters worse, let’s say that 65% of the people around me are depressed. Even I feel depressed.

In my opinion, everything looks sad. The semi-dead trees look like a horror movie scenario. The birds migrate and the squirrels hibernate in burrows. It seems like life slows down in the winter. I spend more time at home wishing it all ends.

During winter, I play with my mind, creating summer games. I put on my bikini, then I sit next to the heater in my room with a glass of coconut water and I imagine myself in Bahia.

Another trick is just watching comedy films, because if I watch a drama, I may be crying for days. I also eat a lot. I eat brownies, cookies, chocolate muffins, pizza, potato chips with melted cheese, gorgonzola … I just hope I never get pregnant during the winter.

The cold really drives me crazy and I know this is pure chemistry. I become a difficult person. I complain a lot and I gave up going out with my friends. I don’t lie or make excuses, I simply blame my biggest enemy.

Last weekend, finally the sun came out and the temperature reached 17 degrees in London (this is hot in here). I woke up early and started the best ritual of the year: packing the winter clothes.

‘Bye bye cashmere, goodbye base layer. See you later gloves, hats, wool scarf, boots with fur, wool socks. Forget about me. ‘

I exorcize winter clothes and also Vitamin D tablets, which look like sun capsules. Winter, my number one enemy, is buried in darkness.

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Are we ‘like’ addicted?



Last week I was watching “Nosedive”, which is the first episode of the third season of the series Black Mirror.

The episode is set in a world where people can rate each other from one to five stars for every interaction they have, and which can impact their socioeconomic status. Lacy, a young woman overly obsessed with her ratings; she finds an opportunity to elevate her ratings greatly and move into a more luxurious residence after being chosen by her popular childhood friend as the maid of honour for her wedding. Her obsession leads to several mishaps on her journey to the wedding that culminate in a rapid reduction in her ratings. (by Wikipedia)

While I watched the episode, I thought about the way we are dealing with social media; the amount of likes, shares and the kind of information we post. At the end of the episode, I decided to check everything that I shared so far. Slowly, I started deleting pictures, posts and ‘tiding up’ my Facebook and Instagram.

It took me a lot of courage to delete my Twitter account. After all, I won’t have those likes anymore but If I want, I have 30 days to change my mind and get back to my 75 followers.

Anyway, my point is: how do you feel about your social media life? Yes, it is your life. Think about it: you wake up and check your feed before saying Good Morning to your husband/wife/kids, you know, the real people.


You go to a meeting or party and take an Uber and at the end of the journey, you are rating the driver and he is rating you, just like in “Nosedive”.

You are good or bad based on people’s opinion. It’s not about your values, is about how you present yourself online.

If your rate is too low, maybe the Uber won’t take your ride and you will end up taking the night bus back home, which, so far, doesn’t judge you by stars.

The more I thought about the subject, the more pictures I deleted. I was trying to understand what is the reason of sharing so much?

When someone that I just met, wants to be my ‘friend’, the person can quickly track my life, since I joined the platform. You can see my days at University, my family pictures, my holidays and parties, my favourite foods and the selfies at the gym. By those pictures, the person ‘build my persona’ and rate me.

Am I good enough to be your virtual friend?

You accept that friend’s request and the person NEVER talks to you. So what is the point? Are we accepting this because we want more followers and likes? Are we enjoying this voyeurism? Are we being genuine or we are sharing content to make your life looks desirable? Are you that cool?

Has anyone written you a recommendation on LinkedIn? If not, better to ask someone ASAP or you will end up alone, with no friends, no cool job…

It will be only you and your phone.

Wait a minute.

That’s us! Look around, everyone is living in their bubble, checking their social media feeds. Doing maybe 50/100 likes a day.

New pair of trainers (LIKE)
Monday fancy coffee (HEART)
Baby dress (comment: so cuteee)
Dogs toys (HAHA)
Healthy food (LIKE)
New haircut (of course I LIKE)

Likes, likes likes… do you really like everything that you like?

Today, the breaking news was ’50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica to target American votes at Trump’s election’. The company is accused of manipulating part of the US electorate with ads driven by their profiles.

Do you agree that all the information you share with your beloved virtual friends has being used as data to influence people’s, company’s or national elections? By the way, without your permission.

Do you think is okay to see only kids ads just because you had a baby and probably, are posting and liking more things related to this subject?

Maybe you like dogs too, but you don’t have one yet, so why you will see ads for puppies? No, you need diapers ads. You’ve being dealing with a lot of sh*t recently. That is your life and all your friends are liking it.

To conclude, I just want to say, be wiser and cautious. Social Media is the most powerful form of marketing and market research the world has ever seen.

Promote your skills and your passions but don’t sell your soul to the devil.

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Life events

If we were all the same…


We would like the same foods and drinks and then, what would be…?

Tasting – noun.
: an occasion for sampling a selection of foods or drinks in order to compare qualities – a wine tasting

If we supported the same team, who would be our opponents?

Opponent – noun.
1 – one that takes an opposite position (as in a debate, contest or conflict)

Without combat, we wouldn’t have antagonists, we wouldn’t have stories, after all what would happen?

How boring would it be if we had the same desires…

…we would want everything or simply nothing.

We would watch the same films, we would eat the same popcorn; salty, please, because I don’t like the sweetie one.


And if we were following the same dreams…

…we would all be journalists, living in London and writing about ourselves and about the others, after all; we are all the same.

We would have the same opinion and would agree that summer is better than winter and it is okay to drink water with meals.

If we were all the same, fashion would be extinguished, because we would wear the same clothes. Same with music. Would be lucky if your favourite song is the same as mine.

Do you think the world would be better if we thought the same?

Your opinion would become public opinion. Your voice would be just like mine and your neighbour’s.

There would be no secrets, selfishness and no disagreements, after all what is mine is yours; and vice versa.

If we were all the same, there would be no hatred or prejudice. No one would try to take advantage on you. Bullying wouldn’t exist and there would be no religion because we would believe in the same thing.

Surely you would love others for who they are; people just like you.

We would love the same dog, fall in love with the same person, and give the same names to our sons and daughters.


The days would always be the same, with the same challenges.

If we were all the same, who would you be?

  • I would be you.

There would be no variety, it would be like eating apples every day.

We would have the same life expectancy and we would all die on the same day, at the same time and for the same reason.

Would the world be better if we were all the same?

Sameness is monotonous, you get bored. Diversity makes you progress.

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Life events

Santa’s feedback


Dear Marcelli,

Last week I received your letter but only last night I read it. I asked one of the elves to log in on Steemit and type my answer.

If you are right about Steemit, besides making money, it will be more efficient to answer Christmas requests. I don’t know what’s going on but most of the people who wrote to me this year asked for money. I’m Santa Claus, but my bag is not like Uncle Scrooge’s.

All right, let’s talk about business (I thought this way of writing was funny so I copied it).

You said you behaved better than you thought and I have to agree. For the first time, your guardian angel didn’t ask me for extra powers but a holiday in the Caribbean. I thought he deserved it, after all, you always gave him extra work.


You told me that you lost a love or lover… in fact you can’t loose love… if it didn’t last, it was because it wasn’t love. So live your life and don’t worry about what others say (including myself).

About your momentary deafness… I have seen that you bought an ear protector. You have learned the lesson: you suffered to grow. Your accident on the bus was horrible indeed but between us, it was your guardian angel’s fault… he was playing bingo with the other angels and forgot about you. I hope you will forgive him.


Now, this stalker story entertained me a lot. It was funny to see a madman trying to drive you crazy…you’re already crazy. Ha Ha Ha .. ops … Ho Ho Ho …

Let’s talk about your requests…

1 – Don’t worry! Low cost flights will continue. I love seeing your photos and I think traveling is important to your personal growth.

2 – Health… well this is easy! As I told you at the beginning of this letter, everyone asked me for money, so I can send you double health.

3 – Stop eating Nutella… Marcelli, let’s be honest? I see you eating Toblerone bars on your own. I see you eating gorgonzola until you sweat. I see you eating pistachio until you get stomachache. Open the dictionary and read the meaning of the word: temptation. Then check what it means: determination and choose what you want.

4 – Lastly, the megaphone … After money, the megaphone was the second most desired request in the letters I received this year. The elves are producing millions of them. Yours is guaranteed, but I would like to give you an advice, it’s no worth it shouting or making a scene. The important thing is to have self-confidence. In my files, I found a note from your great-grandmother and in one passage she said to me, “Santa Claus, I don’t give a damn to the audience.” I think you should follow the family’s advice.



The good old man!

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Life events

Letter to Santa Claus


Dear Santa,

We have two weeks until Christmas, but as you already know, Brazilians leave everything for the last minute, so I hope you find some time to read my letter.

In fact, Santa, now it is much better… There is this a really cool site called Steemit where you write posts and when people upvote your content you make money. When you go on holidays, open an account.. I am sure you will be rich.

All right, let’s talk about business.

This year I behaved better than I expected. My problem was with other people.

I missed a good romantic match because I listened to other’s people opinion. This upset me a lot because I didn’t know how to express myself properly, so I end up travelling… a lot.

Lisboa (Portugal), Toulouse (France), Marseille (France), Timisoara (Romenia), Dinard (France), Sliema (Malta), Budapest (Hungry), Mumbai (India), Aurangabad (India), New Delhi (India), Agra (India), Jaipur (India), Udaipur (India) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) where the places I visited this year.


Did you see Santa? A low cost flight cured my sadness.

I was living a happy life in London, until a strong gale left me partially deaf to one ear for two months. This wasn’t nice Santa, very bad indeed. After that, I had an accident on the bus and I broke my tailbone. I was lying for four months almost all day, I stopped working out and could barely sit down. That was really bad Santa, I became depressed without being able to run and exercise. To make matters worse I got addicted to Nutella.


The joy of this year was to find out about Steemit and the cryptocurrency world. I’m still a little fish in this virtual ocean but I am having fun with my virtual friends. Just to let you know, real-life friends are still a part of my life, even though their likes on Facebook doesn’t add much.

To conclude, this year I went through a lot of stress and had a lot of body infections. My problem is that I suffer in silence. Oh! I also had a stalker in my life but better to keep this out of records.

As you can see Santa Claus, I did behave but I had some setbacks. So, I would like to ask for four Christmas presents. I hope you can give me all of them.

1 – I want the low cost flights to continue cheap so that next year, I travel much more.
2 – I would like to ask for health, because it looks like I forgot to ask last year.
3 – Ah! Is there any chance you can make me stop eating Nutella? I lost control. There must be something else in that jar because it is stronger than me… when I see, I have a spoon in my mouth and I am eating straight from the jar.
4 – Finally, I would like to ask for a megaphone so I can tell some people to f*ck off. They are so invasive and want to take control of my life… I didn’t ask for that…


Cheers Santa!

I am waiting for your reply.



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