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Be like your heart

Michell Zappa

Your heart beats 100 thousand times a day. In one year it’s an average of 36 million and 500 thousand pulsations.

Despite all its power, the heart is about the size of your clenched fist. Its mass is on average 250 g in adult women and 300 g in adult men.

This little organ works hard to keep you alive, so make it worthwhile.

This is the first week of 2017 and you probably want to put some plans into action. Maybe you want to lose weight, to change jobs, to learn painting or even to be less stressed. 🙂

Keep Focus, Work and Believe!

Do you know that even the heart has unforeseen things? A fright, a new love or some exercise can change the beat of the beats, but it doesn’t stop. Actually, only when you die.

Be like your heart. Stay active and know how to overcome obstacles. Let the valves of creativity open. Make your ideas circulate, pump the world with good feelings.

Happy 2017!

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