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“What do you do?”
“I’m a journalist.”
“Ah cool! Which area have you specialized?”
“So far none. I like to write about everything.”
“Choose an area of interest”, someone advised me. “An unfocused journalist won’t go far.”

Time passed.
I left Sao Paulo in 2008 and moved to Milan. Then I lived in London for three years. After that I lived in Rio de Janeiro for two years and finally went back to London where I live right now.

On my journey, I tried to focus but I went in a different direction and I diversified.

I wrote articles about travel, ecology, sports, music, film, arts, fashion, celebrities, b2b and technology. I wrote positive affirmations and horoscope. Can you believe it? ­čÖé Many people laughed at me, doubted my own potential and turned away. I didn’t care. I followed my intuition and built my own path.

I am creative, flexible, imaginative, determined and a dreamer. My self-confidence level is high and I always keep positive attitudes. It will work! It has to!

Gradually, I started writing stories.

“So, you’re a writer.”
“A writer without books published?” I asked.
“The important thing is to focus.”

The detail is that instead of focusing other challenges came across. I got interested in cinematography and directed a short, a documentary, another short …

“Are you a filmmaker?”
“Humm…I don’t think so. I started filming recently.”
“But you’ve already won two awards! Your work went to a final and two semi-finals in Film Festivals. You’re a filmmaker. ”

One day, I bought an analog camera and when I checked the developed photos I took, I was surprised by one more talent. This mix of skills confused me, after all I couldn’t describe myself.

The first interview I gave as Marcelli D’Andrea, I explained my journey. The text was written and there was my new identity: Artist.

After reading the article, I talked to an artist friend.

“Did you read that? The reporter called me an artist.”
“But that’s what you are. You are gifted and talented. You are sensitive and can express yourself in different artistic areas and inspire other people.”

Even though he said that, I continued confused. Do you want to know what I think about myself?

In my life everything is connected and that is my focus. I don’t need titles, I need action.

The advice I would give to anyone who lives a similar journey is simple.

Be yourself.

Marcelli D’Andrea

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