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Marcelli playing football

I lived in Milan for four months and at my first week, I found a football team called Sesto. The coach invited to join it and explained to the other girls:

“She is Brazilian.”

I always thought it was funny this things that some people associate skills with nationality. Anyway, on my first day, as soon I stepped on the pitch, all the girls, the coach and assistant were looking at me. I smiled and the coach gave me a ball.

“Can you show us some kick ups?” He asked me.

I looked at everyone, trying to understand if this was a test or what, but they didn’t say a word so I said:

“I can do four or five but I am not a specialist. I don’t play like Ronaldinho.”

“How is possible? A Brazilian who can’t do kick ups?” the coach said.

Some of the girls laughed and started running to warm up. I felt a little bit embarrassed but better to face the truth in the beginning. Isn’t it? 🙂

Anyway, I practiced some exercises with the girls at the end we played a game. My performance was good and I scored twice. I felt that my Brazilian no kick ups image was better for them. At least, I knew how to play football.

After a month, my team joined the league and every Friday we had to play.

Playing football in Italy was fun and challenging but my love for it faded when winter came. We had few games when temperatures were below 5 degrees and snowing. I was always freezing, thinking about my bed and hot chocolate. After one of those winter games, I got a cold and stayed for four days in bed.

It took a while for me to feel 100% better and I started giving excuses for not coming to the games. At the end of the year, I made a decision: retirement.

I was sad to hang up my boots but today football is for fun, specially if I go to Brazil. I am happy playing for fun, specially when I go to Brazil.

Those girls from Brazil saw me playing for 14 years; so they know my style:

I share my passion for football…


…and for the BBQ after it.





**Grazie Italia. @marcelli**

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