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Funny things my friends’ kids say

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Many of my friends already have children and the they are full of opinion, attitude and interesting questioning about life.

This post is to show you their interesting questions and some wise advices kids can give. Check it out.


1 – A mother takes her 3 year old daughter to have a hair cut. At the beauty salon, the hairdresser asks:
“Mother, how many little fingers are we going to cut today?”
Without waiting for the answer, the kid starts crying:
“Mum, please, just the hair, not my fingers!”

2 – On the third day of school, a mum asks her daughter:
“Heloisa, did you like the school?”
“Did you like teacher Cris?”
“Did you like your new friends?”

3 – A friend of mine has a 6 years old kid…
“Mum, I sneezed and said ‘bless you’ to myself. I am very polite.”

4 – One of the sons caught her mother watching X Factor. She pretends it was a mistake and says he can change channels if he wants.
“Don’t worry Mum… I know you watched the last season.”

5 – “Mum, you are much smarter than Dad, right?”
“Why are you saying that, son?”
“Every time I ask you a question, you answer … When I ask something to dad, he says: “Ask your mother…”

6 – “Mum, the girls at my school, don’t laugh at my jokes anymore… They look away and say ‘hunf’. This is maturity, right?”

7 – “How do you remember that, David?”
“Because I am very ‘rememberor’.”

8 – “Cum is not a bad word, mother, it’s liquid.”
“I know. I Google it.”

9 – My friend saw her son typing on YouTube: ‘Jimi Hendrics’


10 – A friend is pregnant with her second child and she asks the firstborn.
“Son, soon your brother will be born. Are you ready?”
“Of course mum … in 5 days you will lay an egg, right?!”

11 – My 3 year old godson is Hungarian-American, speaks both languages but he is fluent in English because he lives in England. His Hungarian cousin asks her mum:
“Mommy, do you know if Levente speaks like humans or only English?”

12 – One brother talks to the other:
“Look, I have a cold sore.”
“I think you should go to a cold sorelogist.”

13 – “Mum, with the letters of my name (Andre) I can write ‘A NERD’ and it is you.”

14 – A mother put some mascara and the son says:
“Wow mum, this is the famous eyelash paint.”

15 – “Mother, I’m going to make your dinner! Do you prefer beef or chicken pot noodles?”

16 – “Mum, can I buy a ten-year-old candle?”
“Son, your birthday is only in February.”
“Oh come on Mom, I’m just planning my future.”


17 – The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published quotes about the relationship of Italian kids with Jesus.

“Dear Jesus, did you want the giraffe like that or it was a mistake?”

“Dear Jesus, is Father Mario your friend or do you know him only from work?”

“Dear Jesus, perhaps Cain wouldn’t kill Abel if both had their own room. With my brother it works fine.”

“Dear Jesus, at Carnival I am dressing up as a devil, do you have any problem with it?”

“”Dear Jesus, are you really invisible or is it just a trick?”*

“Dear Jesus, instead of you making people die and then create new people, why don’t you stay with the ones you already have?”

See you next time 🙂

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