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Hitler is not dead

II World War planes by Steve Wilson
This morning I arrived at the office and entered the lift when, without warning, a woman rushed in behind me like a hurricane, squeezing me against the mirror. I released some pent up anger by giving her a mental dressing down and pushed my face away from the interior wall. The episode was shocking, but not half as shocking at what I saw next. There was one other lady in the lift with us, and as I looked up I noticed she was wearing earings in the shape of a recognisable Nazi motif, the swastika. The accessory left me perplexed. I could not believe she was so alienated to the point of not knowing the what this symbol had represented in the past.

Hitler by daniel Calle

Hitler by Daniel Calle

Now, I am aware that in the early nineteenth century, the swastika meant luck, prosperity and success, however, the symbol went on to become a talisman for the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. During World War II (1939-1945), the Nazi government exterminated over 6 million Jews, the largest genocide of the twentieth century. So, with a little bit of historical general knowledge, you would expect someone to recognize immediately that the icon is repudiated by the Jews and civilized people.

Behold, I stopped to think: ‘Where are the civilized people?’

S├ęrgio Buarque de Holanda, one of the most important Brazilian historians defined “civility is proportional to ethics, modernity, renovation, education, since the individual whose prerogatives civility is, and should be, friendly, ethical and mostly educated, both in actions and behavior.”

To understand the world in which we live, I did a google search and and found some crazy articles.

1 – Children find porn on child DVD

2 – British Shop is forbidden to sell ice cream made with breast milk

3 – Circus is forced to cancel the show where a woman swallows and regurgitates a live fish

4 – A New York shop was prohibited from selling swastika earrings

If the world has gone mad, then it I all our own fault. So, my dear readers keep living in superficiality and maybe you’ll be the next ones buying Nazi regalia without understanding what it is..

Think about it.

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  • Reply Anonymous 29/03/2012 at 3:17 pm

    I don’t believe being over-connected is the actual problem with the world today, it’s just the means of expressing what you already feel.
    The trouble is what people feel.
    The problem is people’s drivers and goals that are more and more individualist and destructive because of the high level of insecurity they feel. People no longer take the time to love themselves, and as they try so hard to be liked by the rest of the World, apparent rejection makes them feel angry and want to punish people around them.
    it’s not news though, it’s part of mankind, it’s jut more visible on facebook.

    • Reply Marcelli D'Andrea 30/03/2012 at 12:30 am

      Dear, I totally agree with you when you said that the over-connected is not a problem, but specially here in Brazil, I see that life is based on what you see online. Sometimes I am the only person at the restaurant that is not checking my phone and this could stay for many minutes. I agree again when you said that of the high level of insecurity but also the high level of ‘not knowing what to do’ after work.. Here is just TV (Big Brother, soap opera…) very hard to find creative people, to share ideas and also dreams.. ­čÖé

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