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Is she pregnant or fat?

metro in Rio de Janeiro

You know those days when the concept of leaving the warm confines of your bedroom to face the cold journey to work seems like an impossibility? Well, today was one of those days.

I somehow managed to drag myself onto a tube train and promptly fell asleep on the shoulder of a fellow commuter. The jolt of the train arriving at the next station woke me from my slumber. I noticed the next wave of rush hour drones cram into the narrow confines of the carriage, and amongst them I saw a pregnant woman. Politely, I stood up and offered the lady my seat only for her to turn down me down, dryly. I then realised my gaffe, the lady wasn’t pregnant but overweight.

One of the worst things that can happen to a woman is being mistaken for a pregnant woman, especially in Brazil where most of the women are neurotic with their body. It gets worse in Rio de Janeiro where women are known for their sculptural bodies. Well, not all, huh?

I was in shock with my mistake. That poor woman stood with her back to me avoiding any contact but I was still vying for her attention in the hope that she would understand my mistake. Nothing consoled me, I mean she really looked pregnant but apparently instead it was down to years and years of sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.

Throughout the day I thought about her. Did she feel offended, fat or frustrated? Did she decide to lose weight or buy a chocolate bar to drown her sorrows?

If the mistake had happened to me, I certainly would feel horrible and leave the tube ready to change my life. I would have bought a newspaper looking for a better suitable job. Do you think in March the agencies already hire people to dress up like Santa Claus?

Do you think? ­čÖé

See you next time and please don’t say anything.

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