Jack In The Box


Last week, I went to a writing seminar called Awaken Your Inner Writer with Steve Nobel, a book mentor, in London. At the seminar, he made me imagine a path, describe it and then visualize a box in front of me. I opened it and the question was;

‘What is inside the box?’… I saw a Jack in the box.

After that, in a 10 minutes exercise, Steve Nobel asked me to write a story about it which you can find below.

I left the box on the floor, walked away and turned left into a smaller street where immediately I saw a man dressed up like Jack. He laughed at me and asked if I wanted to join the circus.
     “But I am not a clown”, I said.
     “We are all clowns”, he replied humorously and I quickly disagreed, “This is not true!”
     “Of course it is”, he insisted and continued. “Think about your life… How many times have you allowed someone to make a fool of you?”
     “But it doesn’t mean that I am a clown”, I argued.
     “True, but if you see the good side about whatever happens to you, you can laugh about it”, he said.
I decided to accept his clown´s theory. He held one of my arms and took me to the circus. When we got there, I saw a man spitting fire, a woman with a long and thin moustache holding an empty box.
     “What is this box for?” I asked her.
     “This is the magic box. You think it’s empty but actually is full of stories. Pick one and make fun of it”, She instructed.
At that moment, I was a bit nervous for my premiere but Jack said that it will all be fine. He helped me to choose a red and white striped dress and a yellow wig.
     “I want to wear the black clown’s shoes”, I said.
     “Really? You are a brave girl, it’s difficult to walk in those”, Jack warned.
I thought for a few seconds and answered.
     “Well, if I don’t make the first step, who else is going to do it for me?”

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    Hi Marcelli, Great article on the day. Thanks for posting.

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