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Belarus here I go!


A week after the release of Abner Harris documentary, the short was selected for a film festival in Minsk, Belarus. On April 2nd , ‘Abner Harris – That’s Life’ will be screened at the National Centre of Modern Arts and the end of the month at Minsk Film School.

Fantastic! The results are showing up but I know how hard it was to get here. During the process of post-production, I was working 15 hours a day. It was working 8 hours in my current job, at lunch I was doing online courses and used my evenings editing.

One night, when I got off the tube around midnight and walked back home, it was zero degree, raining and I had no umbrella or woolly hat. Upon arriving home, I was temporarily deaf. Feeling weak and lost, I sat on the couch and cried.

What made me persist and complete this documentary was the advice I received. ‘Think Big‘, my dad would tell me and my mother would say: ‘It would be better for you to focus on making a quality shorter cut rather than longer cut full of mistakes.

With that in mind, I stopped thinking about my limitations, about winter or the darkness in London and went with the state of mind ‘It is possible‘.

In the following weeks, I was prepared: umbrella, hat, glove, chocolate, external hard drive…

I knew nothing and no one would stop me, specially my fears. For me it was very important to believe, plan and execute. I didn’t let any obstacles destroy my dreams and that is the advice I would like to give to you.

What have you done to make your dreams come true?

While some people opt for the easy way, others go beyond.

Belarus wait for me, I’m coming!

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