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Rio de Janeiro, our relationship is over

View from the Two Brothers hill, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Today the countdown begins. There are only ten days that stand between now and me bidding farewell to my beloved Rio. I feel comfortable saying it’s mine I mean, I have lived here, I’ve met so many amazing people and decided to take a few of them with me who I’m lucky enough to call friends.

From the moment I decided to leave, every day has been a small farewell. Jogging on the beach, a look at the Dois Irmãos Hill, a cycle up to Leme and stopping to drink the coconut water in Arpoador. This wonderful city made me realise something fundamental; the meaning of well-being.

well-being. noun the state of being happy, healthy or successful

Today I know that a sunny Monday can be a perfect day for me to read a book on the beach, cool off in the sea and look for shells in the sand (I still do it). I feel there is nothing better than striding out in my flipflops, skirt and bikini to sup a caipirinhas in the bar next to my house. I take with me the many memories of when I once lived intensely as if there was no tomorrow because I believe in today.

In Rio I understood why Cazuza (1958-1990) wrote Pro Dia Nascer Feliz. I understood what Tom Jobim (1927-1994) meant in Corcovado. I lived the Preciso me Encontrar do Cartola (1927 to 1980).

Loving Rio de Janeiro made me take a new direction:


No rush, no anxiety

No strings attached, without prejudice

No pain, no problems

No salt.

The Rio de Janeiro was pure joy, but now …

“Let me go, I need to walk, I am going out there looking for.” (Cartola)

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