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Clowns go to the church


Have you ever been to a church and witnessed clowns sitting next to each other paying their respect in a service? If you are not religious this may sound like a joke but believe me: clowns have faith.

Holy Trinity is known as the Clowns’ Church and on the first Sunday in February holds the Annual Clowns Service in honour of Joseph Grimaldi (1778-1837) known as Joey, the most famous clown country. The ceremony has taken place since 1946 but the use of costumes has only been allowed since 1967.

The service follows the protocol: sit, stand up and embrace the clown next to you. In addition to that, the clowns have fun doing magic, stumbling in the sacred stairs and laughing loudly at the church. On this day, everything is allowed in the ‘God’s house’.

Everyone is invited to come. when I went there to see this slapstick performance there was a very old nun. I looked at her and thought: ‘What are you doing here with this bunch of clowns?’

I don’t know if she read my mind, but she looked back at me and laughed as loud as she could. I thought she wanted to be a clown too.

If you are in London, it is worth giving it a look.

What: Grimaldi Clow’s Church Service

When: first Sunday of February

Where: Holy Trinity Church – Beechwood Road – E8 3DY

Why: Ha ha ha

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  • Anonymous 07/02/2011 at 3:18 am

    hauhuahuah marcelli vc é demais…vc alegra nossas vidas! beijos