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Did you know that?

Vik Nanda

Sometimes I want my life to speed up. It’s that anxiety of anticipating the future.

Last night, for example, I couldn’t chill and watch a film because I thought I was wasting my time.

How this could be possible?


Basically, the reason is that I push myself too hard. Society pushes us a lot too. Think about it.

We have to have an opinion about everything: politics, economy, abortion, racism, feminism, war, terrorism, Brexit, celebrities, nuclear weapons, global warming, homophobia…

It seems that we should know what to say and please people at the same time: In Brazil, if your friends are left wing, talk about Dilma, if they are right, talk about the new government (not exactly about Michel Temer).

You have to know about everything at any minute. If till now you don’t know what a hashtag is, you will never find a job in your L-I-F-E.

You have to know everything in acronyms as well. DNA and BMW are things from the past. You need to understand what it means: SEO, DOP, VP, CEO, PPC, PPV, MD, MBA, HBO, BFI, G-8, RSL, VR, T2…

You have to follow trends: you have to be slim, proactive, funny, well-dressed, have to have the newest iPhone. Ahh! You just cut the lactose, has to be vegan, or use biodegradable products. You have to explore the world and be successful. You have to go the trendiest Japanese Restaurant New York, otherwise you haven’t been to New York, “My dear”.

With all of this in mind, can you answer to a simple question:

Who are you?

I asked myself last night and realized I was going mad because I don’t know E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

And…You know what? I don’t care anymore. I live Carpe Diem. 🙂


So to make a statement:

I have no opinion about Zika virus.
I don’t know where Azerbaijan is on the world map.
I’m not going to stop eating meat.
I don’t like electronic music.
I didn’t vote for Brexit.
I have an old Samsung phone.

“I know one thing; that I know nothing” – Socrates

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Life events

The Real You – with a great inspiring short video


Very often I am in doubt about what I am doing and which direction life will take me.

I try to find deeply inside what it really means to be me. Sometimes I get confused but a lot of times I do know who I am and I feel proud to be who I am.

You have the power to achieve anything you want

Today I want to share with you a 3m58s video from Alan Watts, an English writer, philosopher and speaker.

The video made me think about so many important things like life, the interaction between people and who we are.

If you are busy or not in the mood or time to watch 3m58s, I selected my three favourite quotes. (But honestly, watch it… you will understand me)

“What you do is what the whole Universe is doing at the place you call here and now.”

“The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around; the real, deep down you is the whole Universe”

“Doesn’t it really astonish you that you are this fantastically complex thing?”

I hope it inspires you too.

Happy Monday!

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The best trip in the world…


…happens in our mind.

A summer day in Leblon

Our thoughts can take us anywhere. Nothing is so powerful than our mind. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about this beach in Rio de Janeiro called Leblon.

Leblon at night

While in real life the majority of Europeans are going for their summer vacation, I am wondering about my Brazilian waves and waiting for the end of the year to make this trip to come true.

the waves

A ‘Pineapple man’ selling fruit slices

The sea has an incredible power over me. It renews my soul, teaches me to have boundaries and brings me peace. With the sun on my face, I see myself floating with no hurry to leave the water.

When I get back to reality, I realize that happiness is simple.

A man collecting coconuts

Family choosing a balloon

Even the dogs enjoy the walk and the view

“Somewhere, someone is happier with less than ou have” – Unknown

Where do your thoughts take you? Does it take to a happy place? 🙂

Have a lovely and positive Sunday,

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Life events

Are you smart or hard worker?

Smart Girl by Steven Depolo

Today I caught myself thinking about my intelligence, or perhaps the lack of it.

Unfortunately, I am not the kind of person who can explain the world history as if I was gossiping with a friend. Either I don’t know how to write a analysis about the world economy or debate about politics.

Hi, I know everything, let me Google it

I struggle to remember the films I’ve watched or books I’ve read. I forget stories, I can’t remember author’s or characters names. To solve complex mathematical problems I call my dad.

1+1 = DAD

Let me be honest with you, in my self-assessment it seems that I live in between knowledge and forgetfulness.

I read some articles about my ‘condition’ in magazines and figured out some of the mysteries between being smart and being a hard worker.

The smart person thinks there is a need to prove to the world that he/she knows everything. The problem is that, the harder someone tries, more frustrated they become when results are not achieved.

On the other hand, the hardworking person – which I believe I am – fulfils tasks, accept mistakes, imperfection and feels pleased to deliver a good job. This person sees every task as a challenge and thinks of the best way to solve a problem. This is what it means to be practical.

I may take longer than others to achieve my goals but I go for it

When I struggle with maths problems, I call my father who is a mathematician.

When I can’t remember the name of a film, I call a friend who seems to have a hard drive instead of a brain.

The important thing is to be humble.

I do not mind saying, “I do not know”, because I finish the sentence with “but I can try.”

Honesty and effort open doors.

That’s why we are here for…

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Brazil, Life events

Once a Rebel at school, always a Rebel in life

rebel by Ian Sane

Dear Parents,

I would like to inform you that your daughter, Marcelli D’Andrea insists in disobey the school norms and rules. Even her classmates don’t agree with her rebellious behaviour, indiscipline, her loudness and lack of respect towards teachers, not letting them give good classes.
Today, she didn’t attend two classes and run away to the school’s backyard. I’ve tried to talk and advice her many times, but I am playing a fool. Just to remind you, her notebook used to have pages with quotes about school and family but she through it away.
Due to the circumstance, she should stay at home tomorrow, 23/04/99 to think about her project of life.
Please, do something about it.

Best regards,
Militino Roza
Pedagogical Coordinator

Novo Documento.jpg
The original letter in Portuguese

Come on! How shall I explain myself?

I found the answer there, at the top of the sheet. On that day I had a History test about Rebellions.

Reading the note again, I amused by: how personality defines our attitudes. Since I am a kid, I had no patience to sit for hours and hours listening to someone. I need action and interaction. I need breaks and I need to move. I didn’t disrespect the teachers, I lost interest after so many hours.

To say that ‘Even her classmates don’t agree with her rebellious attitude’makes me laugh because this still happens. Usually in London, when I say what I think people remains in silence, staring their computer pretending that nothing is happening.

What can I do? I’m not afraid of speaking when I’m right.

I have never liked year notebooks. At school, I carried books and notebooks. When I was at a nun’s school, I had to carry the Bible twice a week. Carrying weight is not for me so I thought the old notebook sheets could be recycled.

What can I do? That’s me, I don’t accumulate.

Now that I am an adult, I notice that those who didn’t study the ‘Rebellions’ are passive about their life journey. It doesn’t help complaining without taking action. Attitude is at the beginning of the dictionary. Victory, near the end.

The way is long but it is worth it when you achieve your goals.

So tell me, have you been a rebel? Would you like to runaway to the backyard with me? 🙂

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