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The Real You – with a great inspiring short video


Very often I am in doubt about what I am doing and which direction life will take me.

I try to find deeply inside what it really means to be me. Sometimes I get confused but a lot of times I do know who I am and I feel proud to be who I am.

You have the power to achieve anything you want

Today I want to share with you a 3m58s video from Alan Watts, an English writer, philosopher and speaker.

The video made me think about so many important things like life, the interaction between people and who we are.

If you are busy or not in the mood or time to watch 3m58s, I selected my three favourite quotes. (But honestly, watch it… you will understand me)

“What you do is what the whole Universe is doing at the place you call here and now.”

“The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around; the real, deep down you is the whole Universe”

“Doesn’t it really astonish you that you are this fantastically complex thing?”

I hope it inspires you too.

Happy Monday!

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