Short Stories

The stressed man


At lunchtime, Carla, a blond, green-eyed, medium-height woman went to the bank and as usual it was packed. In the queue, William, a tall, tan man followed her with his eyes. Without realizing someone was watching her, Carla headed to the priority queue that guarantees fast service.

“What a naughty woman, trying to take advantage in the queue… Hey, you there!” William said aloud.

Everyone at the bank looked at him, including her.

“This is a priority queue,” he glared at her.

“I know, sir. I’m pregnant”, she replied stroking her belly.

William looked at her from top to bottom and shook his head.

Few minutes later, Carla was called by the attendant. William wasn’t happy seeing her going first then him so he continually beat his foot on the floor. Finally, he was called by another attendant.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“I want 1-3-6-0.”

To be sure, the woman repeated the request.

“You mean ‘withdraw 1360 Reais?'”

And he insisted:


Again, the cashier repeated the amount, following the bank’s safety regulations.

“Do you want to withdraw 1360 Reais?”

William lost his temper.

“Wait a minute! What is this, huh? A memory game?”

A man who was waiting his turn in queue reproved William’s behaviour.

“Sir, don’t you think you’re too stressed out?” He said and continued. “First you doubt the girl’s pregnancy and now you are yelling at the cashier.”

Without looking back William replied.

“What would you do? This one doesn’t understand numbers at all. The other one got pregnant last night and think she has the right to go to the priority queue.”

Carla was shocked with the insult and hit it back.

“For your records, I am four months pregnant,” she replied. “It’s not my fault that I’m slim and you’ve only have met fat pregnant women in your life.”

People in queue laughed at her comment. William took the amount of 1-3-6-0 and walked away talking to himself.

“What the hell…everybody seems stressed out in this bank.”

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