Life events

Time does not stop


Time is something rare
And we only realise it
When it has passed.

I don’t live in Brazil and when I come back for holidays, I wish to spent the time with my family and friends, but every year it seems more difficult to happen.

People are busy enjoying their time in a different way and I became the person of the time that has passed.

I don’t blame anyone, but don’t forget, life is so rare and time doesn’t stop.

In 2015, the lessons I learned were live, appreciate and accept.

Live – my life and don’t live for others
Value – the opportunities, new friends and new family members
Accept – that things doesn’t happen always as I wanted

The revolution is in our lives.

Maybe one day, we meet again in a new time and you will continue the song I started:

I do not know if I walked too fast
But I know that a smile I lost
I’ll have time to give me more time
To look at you
From now on, I will not be so far away
I will be here.


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