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Yesterday I went to the park to have a beer with an English friend. We didn’t have a bottle opener so we asked for a lighter from a group of friends who were sitting on one of the benches.

“I don’t know how to open a bottle with a lighter,” I confessed. One of the men reached out his arm towards me.

“Let me open for you, dear.”

“It’s very kind of you,” I thanked him and he said.

“I am kind and do you know why?” He asked me pausing for a second and then answering his own question.

“Because I’m not English like this guy here who voted to leave the European Union. I care about people”, he said pointing to his friend who swore he didn’t vote for Brexit.

My friend and I went to the other side of the park and I confess that I was embarrassed by what had happened.

“That is sad. People are generalizing the results of the referendum and blaming all the British. It feels that it has increased irony with your country and your people”, I said.

“Well… I try not to take it personally,” he replied.

“I understand but it’s sad to see that from one day to another, the relationship between Europeans and English has changed dramatically.”

In total, more than 17.410.742 million voted for UK to leave EU but this number doesn’t represent the opinion of 64.1 million British.

Besides that, regardless the result, assaulting or verbally insulting an English person indiscriminately is taking a step towards stupidity.

With this attitude, meeting people from different countries and the opportunity for new friendships has become scarce by sheer ignorance.

People lock themselves in a selfish, petty and changeless world. Soon, generalization evolves into intolerance, prejudice and discrimination.

Generalizing is a cowardly attitude towards life’s adversities. It is easier to attack than to understand.

Is that how you want to move on?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

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