Why I was born Brazilian?


Does it make any difference what country you were born? I think so.

Regardless of whom we are and what path we choose to follow, the nation where we are born influences a lot in our way of facing life. Maybe I see it so clear because I don’t live in Brazil anymore.

Brazilians fight for justice, help without expecting to get anything in return and always see the light at the end of any tunnel.

We celebrate compatriots’ victories without even knowing them but as it were our own.

Wherever a Brazilian is in the world, we sing the national anthem with all the love that binds us to an “O beloved, idolized homeland”.

The Brazilian power is unbeatable, inspiring and intriguing. This is the typical ‘Brazilian way’ of dealing with things that make us unique.

What force is this that makes us giants facing the world with our heads up?

When people ask me: How can you be so positive and happy?

I answer:

– It’s because I am Brazilian, with great pride and love.

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